YouTube Strikes Again: TheJWittz Has "Inappropriate" Lavender Town Video Removed

In a move that has since become as surprising as the sun setting, YouTube has taken action against another YouTube gaming personality. However, why they have chosen to go after Pokemon/Nintendo YouTuber TheJWittz over a two-year old video detailing the origins and popularity of the Lavender Town location in the Pokemon games and the creepy circumstances that surround it in pop culture is the biggest mystery. In the above video, TheJWittz goes over the YouTube community guidelines in an attempt to see where his video went wrong, only to come up empty on any valid sounding reason, yet a subsequent inquiry to YouTube results in them defending the removal. Maker Studios, the network TheJWittz works under on YouTube, managed to get into better contact with YouTube only for the the removal being eexplained as , "spam, scam and commercially deceptive" content.

It is just a dead-end from there. But judge for yourselves, the offending video is available for viewing on Polaris.


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