When will we get a new Golden Sun game?

I've always felt like I am the only one who loves the Golden Sun franchise. Originally released on the GameBoy Advance in 2001, Golden Sun is an RPG similar to that of the classic Final Fantasy games. You've got your turn-based, random encounter gameplay that is filled to the brim it magical attacks, psynergy in the game's lore, summons, potions, etc. The story is pretty much what we've heard thousands of times over as well, you and band of fellow heroes must have your village and the world from evil forces. This has repeated itself with the sequels Lost Age in 2002 and Dark Dawn on the DS in 2010.

So why do I clamor for future installments? Personally, it was one of the few RPGs not named Knights of the Old Republic that I found myself captivated in. The characters were interesting, the world of Weyard was ripe for exploration and I had the sense that literally anything could happen. Perhaps this was because at the time I wasn't used to using the Internet to guide me though games, so I was pretty much exploring things on my own. There was a lot of trial and error on my end as I swapped weapons and armor to make the strongest classes along with the magical assist creatures known as Djinn which build up your summons. I'd explore a forest or cave and find a hidden summon to use later on or a mini-boss. To this day I still have never vanquished the Dullahan mini-boss in any of the installments.


To put is simply, I had a genuine feel of excitement and pride as I slugged through countless swarms of bad guys to level up, gain new Djinn after getting them through a complex maze and finally besting the final bosses. The original Golden Sun had it, Lost Age had it and Dark Dawn had it as well. Yet it seems this franchise is one that will stay locked away and brought out in rare instances. Did you notice the 8-year gap between Lost Age and Dark Dawn? The next installment is already pushing 4-years now.

Perhaps the demand just ins't there, but I just see it as a shame for such a cool franchise to sit idly by as Mario and other huge Nintendo contenders take the spotlight. Am I alone in my desire for a new Golden Sun?

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