Nice Stolen Fan-Fiction You Have There Amazon

Going through the Halo Waypoint forums, as I am want to do as someone with poor time management yet able to get things done, I came across a fan asking about a Halo book. It was under the title of "Halo: Heroes of Crassus". As one who is in the know, I knew that it wasn't a real, official Halo novel. Yet it was on Amazon. Evidently Amazon allows for self-publishing and that includes fan-fiction. Legal issues aside, my Prime membership let me borrow the book for free (because I wasn't about to pay for a fan fic). It wasn't anything special at first glace, but I promised everyone in the thread I'd read it and give feedback on it for fun.

Yet today I learned that Heroes of Crassus is STOLEN fan-fiction.Now whether or not you think fan-fiction is stealing in and of itself, I don't, one has to admit that stealing the work of others and selling it as your own still constitutes plagiarism. Here is the link for Halo: Heroes of Crassus on Amazon:…


And here is the original story as told by a author named Katsuhiro under the title of "The Enemy of My Enemy":…

If you've read both, you'll see that Crassus is a word for word rip-off of Katsuhiro's story. The "author" of Crassus, Josh Henderson, actually has a history of this. His three other self-published stories for Warhammer, Dragon Age and Mass Effect are all taken from other people's fan fictions and reviewers in each Amazon page for these products links the original story. Yet Mr. Henderson's actions are just one story in a long chain of abuse by self-publishing fan-fic writers under Amazon's service. The romance/erotica genre is especially plagued by allegations and confirmations of abuse.

I contacted Amazon earlier this afternoon and through a chat was given a template via e-mail to file a claim. Since I didn't have any claims to speak of, I gave Katsuhiro the information and wished him luck. He thanked me a promised me updates if they ever arrive. I was told by a Greek Halo Waypointer that Heroes of Crassus is no longer available due to copyright infringement once he reported it, but in America at least all of Henderson's works are available.

Whether you enjoy fan-fiction or hate it, one thing is clear from this fiasco, selling them isn't a good idea and even Katsuhiro agreed with me on that one.

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